Cheryl H. Litzke, Ph.D., LMFT

   Counseling clients to restore relational balance and peace of mind


Multicultural Families

Diverse family structures

Sibling therapy

Siblings are with us for a lifetime

Couples Therapy

Also Specializing in Remarried Families,and

Co-parenting Counseling Post- Divorce 

Dr. Cheryl H. Litzke, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has been serving individuals, couples and families for over thirty years. Persons who contact her for services find her to be a warm, caring presence as she works toward restoring balance in all areas of life. 

Her particular area of expertise lies in working with couples, families and individuals in recovery from substance abuse and people dealing with mid-life and later life issues. She has conducted workshops and been interviewed in the media on the topic of families in transitions such as divorce and remarriage.